Stay Active This Winter

It is easy during the winter months to go into “hibernation mode”. This is understandable: it’s cold, its dark, it’s rainy and we have eaten so much food over the festive period that exercise does not sound appealing. In reality, physical activity can be greatly beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. Here’s why:

  • JOINT HEALTH – Exercise has been found to help to reduce joint pain. Through keeping the joints moving, the mobility of that joint is maintained and improve. Blood flow to the joint will also increase, which can help to maintain the health of the vital cartilage found between each joint. Therefore, the more that you exercise, the less fatigued and stiff that your body will feel.  
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM – Do you want to reduce your chances of catching a winter cold? It is well known that keeping active can help to boost your immune system. Exercise creates positive changes in our white blood cells and antibodies, which increases the body’s ability to fight disease.     
  • MENTAL WELLBEING – Physical activity causes an increased release of chemicals known as endorphins; also known as the “feel-good chemicals”. If your mental state is given a boost, you are more likely to feel motivated to keep active and potentially have a more positive outlook on any joint aches and pains.  

Of course, exercising in the winter months may require more planning or a different approach. Here’s some top tips for keeping active this winter:       

  • STAY ACTIVE AT WORK – Try parking at the far end of the work carpark, take the stairs and take an outdoor walk on your lunch hour or possibly squeeze in a lunchtime workout, such as a run, gym session or swim. As previously mentioned, physical activity will get those endorphins working, which can also boost your mood at work. You are also taking advantage of the sunlight hours in the day, so it’s a win-win!      
  • TAKE UP AN INDOOR FORM OF EXERCISE – Try out a new indoor sport; this is a great opportunity to meet new people in your area, have fun and get fit at the same time. Alternatively, other options are to go swimming in your local pool, have a go at a new exercise class, try a ballroom dance class or have a go at a Pilates class. The options of indoor exercise are endless, but remember, exercise should never be a chore; look for an activity that is fun, energetic and stress-busting!