What is cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy is a form of osteopathy where gentle manipulation is applied to the head and spine to harmonise the forces at work within our body. Highly skilled practitioners use their hands, gently mobilising the neck and cranium to release stress and tension. Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle therapy and as such can be used on young babies and children, as well as adults.

Who can cranial Osteopathy Help?

This approach to osteopathy is a way of viewing the body rather than a type of technique and it can be used on every patient – we treat people not conditions. Cranial osteopathy is widely known for the treatment of babies but is equally effective for children, adults, and the elderly. In any osteopathic treatment, the whole body is involved and improvements are often noted in different areas and different systems rather than in just the symptomatic one.

What can cranial osteopathy treat?

Tension – experiencing stress over a long period of time builds tension in your tissue and, over time, this can cause disease and injury. Cranial osteo therapy reduces and eases this tension, allowing your body to heal.

Headaches – unsurprisingly, cranial osteopathy is extremely good at treating headaches, often curing them in as little as one session.

Poor sleep – both adults and children benefit from higher quality sleep after cranial osteopathy sessions, and this leads to greater overall wellbeing.

Anxiety and stress – babies are often reported as being less unsettled after therapy, and adults can also see a marked decrease in levels of anxiety and stress.