Reasons you should be having regular Sports Massage

Reduce Tensions, Stiffness, or pain

Deep Tissue Massage helps to combat tension and stiffness by warming and stretching muscle tissues. This increases blood flow and helps the muscles to move more easily and flexibly.

General well-being

Massage has further benefits to general well-being. These include increasing muscle blood flow, lymph flow, and also the removal of toxins from the muscles. Furthermore, massage can promote a positive sense of well-being, relaxation, lowered stress levels, and improves sleep patterns.

Injury Prevention

Blood flow in increased during a sports massage to help increase healing and recovery. An increase in blood flow also provides more oxygen and nutrients for muscles to use in order to maintain their health. Maintaining a muscles health helps to prevent injury as the muscles are less likely to weaken and fatigue.

Pre or Post-event

A pre-event massage can form part of the vitally important warm-up prior to physical exertion. Post-event sports massage is also a type of massage that uses general sports massage techniques but in way, which allows the body to recover from physical activity, which is why it can form part of a successful cooldown.


Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes. Sports massage techniques are suitable for both sports people and non-athletes alike and can help with injuries, chronic pain, muscle aches and restricted range of motion in all of us! It can help be an effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system, optimizing flexibility and maintaining a healthier physical state.


How often should I have Sports Massage?

Receiving sports massage once every week should produce huge benefits. This may not be realistic for some athletes, yet less regular massage (every 4/6 weeks) can still bring about great results. Things to consider when deciding massage schedule should be Training Intensity/frequency, Goals and Budget.


Can Sports massage help an injury?

Sports massage is an excellent way to encourage fast recovery and assist in injury prevention. However, if you have sustained an injury that is preventing you from participating in the sport that you love, or you are struggling to perform at your best due to a series of niggles, we would recommend that you book an appointment for a Sports Therapy assessment and treatment which can address problems in more detail.