Updated January 2021

  1. If you have not been to the practice since March 2020 prior to a consultation a Covid 19 risk assessment is done over the phone with the Osteopath to decide the best type of treatment for that patient e.g. online or face to face or none.
  2. Immediately before their face to face appointment they will be triaged for Covid-19 symptoms and asked if they are self-isolating via a form which is sent by email. If these are positive the appointment will be rescheduled to the time that this is negative.

Face to face consultations

  1. Osteopaths will wear PPE as instructed by the Institute of Osteopathy
    • Fluid repellent face mask
    • Single use gloves
    • Single use apron
    • Goggles or visor
  2. An hour is allocated for a half hour consultation to allow for cleaning and changing PPE.
  3. New Patient case histories are taken online prior to the face to face consultation.
  4. Appointment times are staggered and 2 different entrances are used to minimise the risk of coming into contact and being able to keep a safe distance with any other patients.
  5. The Osteopath will only work if feeling well and does not have any Covid-19 symptoms or is not in self-isolation for any reason.
  6. The patient will be asked to
    • Arrive on time, not earlier or later
    • To bring a minimum number of things with them to reduce contamination
    • To wear a mask
    • To come alone…if this is not possible it is to be discussed prior to the appointment.
    • Payment options are booking online or baying by bank transfer. If this is not convenient cash or cheque is accepted but we would ask that patient’s bring those in a sealed bag.On arrival the patient is asked to:
    • Empty their pockets and take off outer clothing e.g. coat, phone and put in the box supplied.
    • To use antibacterial hand gel
    • To put on a mask if they have not already.
    • The patient’s temperature is taken.
    • The patient is asked to sign any relevant forms.
      • Consent to face to face consultation understanding the risks during the Covid-19 pandemic
      • Data protection / New Patient form
    • The Osteopath will then take their box into the consultation room.
    • After the patient has changed for the treatment, they will be asked to wash their hands
    • The normal consultation and treatment process will happen.At the end of the treatment:
    • The Osteopath will then remove their PPE within doffing guidelines and dispose of them safely.
    • The Osteopath will then clean thoroughly any area the patient has had contact within reason including and not only plinths, pillows, chairs, door handles. Switches etc.