I have been visiting The Rugby Osteopathic Centre for several years whenever I've had back, neck or leg pain. The surroundings are comfortable and the reception staff always pleasant, friendly and helpful.

I've been treated by several different osteopaths and found them all kind, informative and efficient. I would recommend the Centre to anyone in need of treatment.

L. Osborn,
Good Morning.. Please forgive my delay in contacting yourselves but I really wanted to say a huge thank you. My target was to complete the 2018 London marathon... This was my first marathon. During training I encountered a number of challenges which threatened my ability to run. The treatment I have received has been wonderful to the extent that in addition to my training I completed the Warwick Half marathon along the way. On 22 April I finished the hottest of London's Marathon's in a time of 5 hours and 16 minutes... Without your help, support and treatment I would not have secured that result or secured my donations from supporters for the BHF... Thanks so much you have quite literally changed my life for the better! I shall be back for more in the near future... Please accept my kindest regards to all those in the team you have all been so friendly and helpful.
Paul N., Brilliant Osteopathy

I always find Debbs, receptionist, helpful, friendly and professional. The same I can say about Alicia, who is a very good osteopath.

Michael , Helpful and professional receptionist and osteopath

Debbie is a great first point of contact. She is warm & welcoming and always goes the extra mile to get you the right time to suit.

All the receptionists are so professional, it makes the experience relaxing.

Mrs , Debbie is a brilliant receptionist
Wonderful treatment by Stephanie. Everything explained fully and exercises given for home treatment. Can't recommend enough getting early treatment at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre.
Mrs M, Can't recommend enough

I would like to say thank you for the treatment that I received during my initial appointment and during the follow up appointment.

Stephanie was able to correctly identify that my pain was coming from the sacroiliac joint and she provided immediate relief. I was most grateful for the advice that she gave, which helped me to continue treatment at home with ice and exercise. Stephanie is kind and empathetic and she made me feel better as soon as I started talking to her. I was inspired by her journey that has led her to become an outstanding osteopath. I would highly recommend Stephanie and the Rugby Osteopathic Centre.

Sue, Immediate relief, thank you

10 years of spending many hours sitting at a desk resulted in an excruciating back pain problem.

Rugby Osteopathic Centre were recommended to me by a relative. The treatments I’ve received both pre- and post back surgery have given me the capability to live a pretty normal, active life, and still enjoy pilates classes twice a week. I am very grateful for the care and focus I have received over the years.

H. Crawford, Osteopathy enables pretty normal & active life

4 years ago I had a problem with my neck. It was sorted but over the years I found at night my neck clicked a lot when I moved, and being a light sleeper it disrupted my sleep.

I mentioned this when I met an osteopath at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre, and they suggested it might be worth trying the pillows they had for sale. Having used the pillow for the last 6 months i find it brilliant! It has reduced the symptoms by about 90% and has allowed me a good nights sleep most nights.

I will definitely get another when mine needs replacing.

Mrs Allen, Osteopath's advice helped to get a good nights sleep

I have been to Rugby Osteopathic Centre many times over the years. I was in a lot of pain in my upper body, but after seeing an osteopath for a treatment I was amazed at the difference. I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! I could also sleep on my left side now, hadn't been able to for approx a year.

Thank you Rugby Osteopathic Centre - without these treatments I would not be able to ride my horse!

Denise C., Treatment has made a difference
After many years of painful nights sleep due to a back disc problem, I found the Rugby Osteopathic Centre and had amazing treatment with fantastic results. After explaining about all the different beds we have tried (spent a small fortune) and asked their advise, they recommended a medium firm mattress and an egg box mattress topper which was the best thing I have bought. All we do is change the topper from time to time. We now live in Wales and have changed the beds in our 5* B&B Afon Rhaiadr Country House in Wales to medium firm mattresses and egg box toppers. With a steady flow of great reviews on the beds and just the other day a guest say that it was the best night sleep he has had in years, we know we have done the right thing. Thanks Rugby Osteopathic Centre!
Gina & Gareth R.,

Osteopath saves the wedding dayHaving suffered with lower back weakness for years due to a pelvis problem, I have always had to be careful. Walking my dogs was one of activities I have been able to do with no worries, or so I thought. My daughter’s much awaited wedding day was only two days away and I had taken time out to walk my dogs, a large, young Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Jack Russell.

We came across a rather boisterous German Shepherd and the usual frolics ensued, unfortunately resulting in them running into me at full pelt, knocking my pelvis out. The pain was immediate and from past experience I knew what had happened. I managed to get home although the movement in my right leg was limited. Time was short with many loose ends to tie up for the big day. Unable to find an appointment with a physiotherapist, I resigned myself to walking down the aisle in some comfy flat shoes instead of my beautiful Jimmy Choos (specially selected to go with my much shopped for mother of the bride outfit).

I mentioned my predicament to a friend late afternoon, the day before the wedding, and she suggested osteopathy but I was sure only physiotherapy would do. Minutes later I got a phone call to say she had booked me in at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre. They had kindly agreed to stay and see me after their last patient due to the circumstances.

Although sceptical I went along and gave my medical history, had treatment and came away with some exercises to do. I did feel better when I left but still had some pain and limited movement. I thought dragging my leg down the aisle in comfy flat shoes may still be on the agenda.

The morning of the big day I woke up and felt absolutely fine. I was amazed and very relieved, as were the rest of my family; they would never have heard the end of it if I hadn’t been able to wear my Jimmy Choos!

Very pleased with my treatment by Adam. A great improvement and relief from my pains. All the staff were very friendly and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.
John H,
I have tried absolutely everything for my headaches but when they get bad the only thing that works is Jo's expert Cranial Osteopathy. I have been coming to her on and off for many years and really cannot imagine what my life would be without this resource. I can't thank you enough.
D. Gerrard,

Can you thank Adam for getting me to Henley today after two sessions working on my back. Just achieved my 2017 objective of winning the first heat... and now up against an Irish guy who just beat an ex-Olympiad. Will give it my best shot but on paper it's a one sided race! 

T Fenemore,

Due to some problems in my 20's I have needed various treatments over the years. In the past eight years I have received tremendous help from osteopaths at ROC. They have explained things carefully to me, encouraged me to do exercises which have helped considerably. They don't press for me to "keep coming unnecessarily", but are also available by phone or e-mail if needed. 

Right now I am six months from having had a knee replacement. There have been some problems from this because of inability to exercise my whole body properly. With the help of Jo & Erica I'm getting on top of this. 

All the staff is very friendly and helpful!

Brenda L,

I have felt reinvigorated after a short period of Osteopathy. My mobility had deteriorated through leg & foot pain. The professional work Adam carried out and guidance towards preventative action has created pain-free flexibility.

Carried out in comfortable surroundings with warm and welcoming staff.

I have recommended osteopathy before, to those I know. I would recommend it to you if you're in pain.

Dave W,

Excellent service, which has helped me maintaining / improving my hip and back condition with being able to have a quick appointment / treatment during acute periods. Professional therapists have allowed me to identify realistic and appropriate home exercises, and community groups i.e. Pilates to keep mobile and pain free.

Very helpful staff willing to accommodate times / days to suit my working schedule. Best GP referral ever.

Yvonne Tucker,

I have suffered with my lower back for years, probably since my early twenties, and when it went into spasm I was laid up for days. Strong painkillers used to help a bit but I was all too aware that these were by no means a solution.

I finally went to see the osteopath a couple of years ago after my wife noticed that I was unable to stand up straight. My shoulders were very uneven and from the back she said my spine looked curved. I made an appointment with Adam and after my first session my back problems started to make sense. He explained that I am hypermobile and therefore my joints and muscles have to work that bit harder than everyone else’s.

He suggested orthotic insoles for my shoes and gave me some exercises to do every day to strengthen the muscles. I had just three treatments and in a two year period I have only had one relapse where I needed to go back. Running around after the twins has been great for my core strength and if I do feel a twinge, Adam has shown me what I need to do to prevent it going into spasm.

Mike, - lower back problems

Some time has passed now since my baby and I had our last session with you.I had meant to phone but am always so busy during opening hours! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you have done for him and therefore also for my sanity!! He now sleeps through, or has one or two wake ups on average which is worlds apart for the every two hours we used to experience! 

He is an entirely different boy; much happier and a joy to be around. After a hellish six months of no sleep and thinking I was obviously doing something wrong and failing my boy, you have turned our world around. The only problem I have now is that I don’t want to go back to work now that I have been able to start enjoying him!! I only wish we had found you sooner! 

Emma Turner, Once again, thank you, you have magic hands!

At the beginning of this year I decided that I would answer your advert in the Swift Flash that came through my door. I had been suffering with my back and legs for a long time, in fact I had just ordered two walking frames. 

At 80 years of age I thought that nothing could be done and it was something that comes with age and I would have to ‘put up with it’. How wrong I was!!!!  I apprehensively sent you an e-mail and you kindly rang me and said that you would make me an appointment with Jo. She was very professional and understanding. I think that I must have gone to her every week for about two months. 

Yes, I still follow her advice, I think she is wonderful. I did say that I would come back for a check up but I have been so good with my back I thought that maybe I ought to not disturb it. Perhaps I am wrong on that count too? I can even stand to do my ironing now which I used to get someone to do it for me. I still have a walking stick when I am out but that is due to an inner ear infection that I had a couple of years ago and I have trouble with my balance. 

Mary Hood,
This is just to let you know that I have had my hip replacement op and am already more mobile and in much less pain than previously. I can also walk upright! (albeit with 2 crutches at the moment).

I would like to thank you for being so rapid and clear in your diagnosis of my problem and for arranging the scan, which led so quickly to appropriate treatment. I hate to think of the state I would have been in by now if the thinking that I had a back problem had continued.

Maggie, Thank you for my rapid and clear diagnosis

Sarah has been helping me combat headaches and migraines since November 2012. Her knowledgeable, friendly and sympathetic approach have made a huge difference to my medical well-being and I very much enjoy our sessions.



My granddaughter asked would I give her away in marriage two years ago. I said I would be honoured to do that on the due date in April 2015. Three days before that date, I attended your clinic to get treatment for a very painful pulled muscle in the upper part of my right leg.  

Without that treatment it would have been difficult for me to walk down the aisle of our local church. Nick worked on my leg for approximately 45 minutes, with the result that I left your surgery in a far better state than when I arrived.  

Therefore, please accept my gratitude and that of my family, for the treatment that allowed me to accomplish my contribution towards the wedding ceremony. 

Kenneth A, Osteopathy saves the wedding day again, thanks to Nick
Huge increase in mobility and massive reduction in pain. Very competent, knowledgeable practitioners. Thank you so much, you have improved my quality of life.
Yvonne B,
I have always struggled with bad posture and back pain but since being treated by Adam my pain free days have definitely increased. Adam is very knowledgeable and has tailored exercise routines to suit my condition and life style. I fully recommend Rugby Osteopathic Centre
R Wood,

I have been having treatment with Adam Sheridan, the main focus is my Achillies which before the treatment was extremely painful and unbearable to touch at times, especially after training.  After just a few sessions and with a training programme given to me by Adam I would say it has improved by 70% but that is with only 4 sessions.  I would highly recommend Rugby Osteopaths for their excellent treatment and very friendly staff.

Patrick Carter,
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