Ankle Injuries

The vast majority of ankle injuries we see in clinic are non-resolving lateral ankle sprains or inversion injury. This accounts for about 40 % of all athletic injuries and occurs when a lateral force to the ankle tears or ruptures the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and in severe injuries will damage the calcaneofibular ligament (CFL) as well. The first aid response to this injury is well documented but is difficult to follow, often resulting in an unresolving problem. As with other chronic injuries it is vital to get the diagnosis right.

Initially we assess the extent of the ligament damage, what stage of healing has occurred and start the rehabilitation from the appropriate point. We will then assess the peripheral damage to associated ligaments, muscles and tendons as well as joint function in the foot, ankle, knee and hip. Tendinopathy is a common secondary manifestation of an inversion injury, as the altered gait increases load on tendons especially the Tibialis Posterior tendon. But functional assessment of the plantar facia, the Achilles tendon and the small bones of the foot itself are all vital to improving outcomes of all ankle injuries.


  • Anti-inflammatory protocols, ice and NSAI drugs
  • Deep friction massage
  • Treatment to improve biomechanics
  • Rehabilitation Program

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