We at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre bring together the best practitioners with unique skill sets to practice as a team with one philosophy; to enable you to recover as quickly as possible and to give the best advice for any injury or musculoskeletal pain. In order to achieve this our osteopaths work closely with our specialist rehabilitation team, and through our regular meetings push and test our knowledge so whether you need one treatment or a course of treatments you get the best available advice quickly so you can make informed decisions about your recovery.

We work with Shape it Up Pilates
Contact Pilates Instructor Anne Simonsen to book an appointment:
Tel: 07905 718136
 E-mail: info@shapeituppilates.co.uk
 Contact Natalie Wiltshire
 Tel: 07742 321826
 E-mail: natalie@natsyoga.co.uk
 Inner Peace Hatha Yoga
 Contact Leigh McLellan
 Tel: 07941 279343
 E-mail: leigh@innerpeaceyoga.co.uk
 Swim Works
 TheoryTech Swim School


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Rugby Osteopathic Centre, 69 Albert Street, Rugby
Warwickshire, CV21 2SN, Tel: 01788 560646, Fax:01788 571318
Email: reception@rugbyosteopaths.co.uk

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