FAQ's - Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Differences

What is the difference between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy?

Although Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are very similar, they are each derived from independent schools of thought and their approach to patient treatment differs. Each profession uses orthopaedic and neurological examination skills, similar to those used by traditional medical practitioners, to examine and diagnose their patients. They will both teach patients a variety of exercises to be carried out at home to reinforce their care between treatment sessions.

Osteopaths view the body as a unique, interconnected, self-healing system, focusing treatment on correcting disturbances within this system. Disturbances may be caused by injury, muscle weakness/imbalance and/or tension, poor joint movement, poor posture or working practices. Given that each body is viewed as being unique, treatment is tailored to the individual not only the presenting symptom(s). Osteopaths take a “hands-on” approach to healthcare using massage and joint manipulation to help gain pain relief as quickly as possible. Once the immediate pain has subsided patients are then much more able to do rehabilitation exercise aiding recovery.

Physiotherapists concentrate on restoring normal movement and optimum function to the problem area. They use various techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations but may also use other modalities such as pilates, taping or ultra sound. They may concentrate on improving gait, posture and movement in combination with a comprehensive exercise programme. 

Who should I see?

That really is down to your personal preference. The aim of treatment is the same, but the style of treatment can be different – however, this can also be true between individuals within the same profession. It is worth noting however, that both professions will vary approach and technique according to the individual and their physique.

Most importantly of all, if you have a problem...

  • Do something about it now. It is more important that you see a physical therapy expert and let us help you develop a plan back to full health


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