Referred Pain

Referred pain is a pain that is experienced in one part of the body but is due to an injury elsewhere. For example if someone was having pain from gall stones they may experience right shoulder pain or with a heart attack they may experience arm or neck pain. There is nothing wrong with their arm or neck but the brain gets confused where the pain is coming from. It is very common to get referred pain from a back injury. When someone experiences a low back injury it can often refer pain to the buttock, groin or part of the leg. If it is a neck injury it will often refer pain into the shoulder or arm.

At the Rugby Osteopathic Centre we are trained to assess your presenting symptoms to diagnose where your pain is coming from .Whether it is a referred pain or a nerve being physically trapped (trapped nerve) or irritated causing symptoms such as sciatica, peripheral neuralgia or neuritis an accurate diagnosis will help to give you the best advice as to what your treatment options are and whether osteopathic treatment is the best option or further investigation/referral is needed.

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