Sports Injuries

Our ethos at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre is to treat every patient as an individual with different stresses and strains on their body. This is fundamental in treating sports’ injuries effectively.

During sport the body can be pushed to its physiological limit. One area of the body will reach its limit first, this can cause pain in that area but more commonly the body will compensate and load will be transferred onto surrounding tissues in other areas of the body. Therefore we may be presented with, for example, a classical hamstring strain. This can be treated locally to speed up recovery.

Finding the reason for pain

However, if the reason for this hamstring strain is not treated the strain may become recurrent and interfere with performance long-term. In this example common problems surrounding a hamstring injury could be poor foot function, often on the opposite side, ankle flexibility is also a common culprit. Additionally muscle balance will need to be addressed with specific conditioning exercises.

Our aim at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre is to return you to your peak performance as quickly as possible. 

More Information on Problems resulting from Sports Injuries


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