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Frozen shoulder


This is a disorder of the joint capsule (the envelope sealing a synovial joint). The capsule becomes inflamed and it is thought that collagen (scar tissue) is inappropriately laid down in the capsule resulting in pain and stiffness.


The exact cause is unknown. It is thought to often be triggered by trauma but may have an autoimmune component with the body attacking its own healthy tissue in the capsule. Risk factors are diabetes, strokes, lung and heart disease.


The condition often starts with a gradual increase in stiffness and pain. This becomes worse over a period of up to a year. It can become disabling and often worse at night.  It can last up to three years often resolving completely. In rare circumstances it can result in in long term arthritic changes to the shoulder.


The condition tends to be self-limiting, usually resolving over time without surgery. Most people regain 90% plus of shoulder motion over time. People who suffer from adhesive capsulitis may have extreme difficulty working and going about normal life activities for several months or longer. Physical therapy often speeds up the resolution of this condition and if caught early can prevent its development. So, early diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

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