Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can result from either a local injury to the shoulder complex or can be referred to the shoulder from a distant tissue injury.

 Common injuries to the shoulder include

Pain in the shoulder that is referred from a distant structure commonly results from an injury to the ribs, neck, back or even injury to the diaphragm or heart.

An accurate diagnosis is essential to getting the right treatment. The anatomy of your shoulder makes this joint uniquely vulnerable to injury. The shoulder does not need the stability of the hip because it is not weight bearing. By compromising on stability it can gain flexibility, but this large range of movement with reduced stability makes it prone to injury. Our team of Osteopaths and Shoulder Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon have been trained to accurately diagnose the origin of your shoulder pain, to decide if further investigations are necessary, and to implement a treatment programme to give you the best possible chance of a full recovery.



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