Postnatal Care / After the Birth

Many women suffer from muscular and joint pains after having children.

During pregnancy the muscles and soft tissues go through enormous change, adapting and stretching to support the baby. Once you have had the baby your body must reverse those enormous changes but at the same time you are required to lift a new baby and all their baby equipment repetitively during the day. Your muscles and subsequently your joints are put under considerable strain. As your child gets bigger and heavier, the loads you need to hold get more demanding. This can often lead to injury to the joints and muscles in your body..

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at helping you to restore normal function to your joints with treatment, advice and specific exercises.

The advice may involve simple core stability and pelvic floor exercises you can do whilst looking after your baby and/or advice on posture and lifting.  All of this will have the one aim of becoming pain free as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy motherhood.

Common presentations;

“I was lifting my 9 month old baby in his car seat and my back went.”

“My toddler ran towards the road and I had to run to grab him and I hurt my shoulder”

“I coughed and I suddenly got really bad pain in my shoulder blade and ribs…”

“I have 2 young kids and my back just aches all of the time…”


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