We are told that it is normal to expect joint and muscular pains during pregnancy. Our posture changes dramatically during pregnancy over a very short period of time due to the increased weight from the baby, placenta, heavier breasts and fat stores. Sometimes, there may be stages during the pregnancy that out bodies do not cope as well with and this change may result in general aches and pains . This can lead to symptoms ranging from:

Osteopathy may help relieve the stresses and strains on your body during pregnancy and after the birth with gentle treatment. The osteopath will also advise on relevant exercises and can also give general advice on how a new parent can look after their back whilst looking after a child. This advice can range from the type of baby equipment to buy, to ways in which one should lift and carry a child.

 This advice and treatment will aim to not only help relieve the current symptoms but also to help with the active process of labour, prevent long term problems occurring  and  help the mother to recover physically more quickly from the pregnancy and birth. 


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