Osteopathy for Children

Children can be treated with osteopathy at all ages from birth to becoming adults. Treatment techniques will be used that best benefit the child from cranial osteopathic techniques to soft tissue massage and specific articulations. Children present at The Rugby Osteopathic Centre for many different reasons from:

As osteopaths we will treat the specific problem area but also look at why that has occurred and treat any relevant underlying causes, we will also give advice and exercises, if relevant, to try to stop recurrences of the problem.

A large number of our patients are children and parents so we have tried to make the practice as child friendly as we can with toys, children’s magazines and baby changing facilities. We are used to working around children and what makes them most relaxed so please let us know if there are any specific requests and we will do our best to help make it a comfortable and relaxing experience for you and your child.

We are also aware that raising children is an expensive business so we offer a reduced rate for treating children under the age of 16.

Due to legislation, children under the age of 16 will need to be with their mother or father and if not we will need a written note from the parent agreeing to their guardian accompanying them during the treatment. We are happy to relay any findings, treatments over the phone to the parent afterwards if they are not able to come to the appointment.


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