All muscles in the body have tendons that attach them to bones and each muscle will span a joint. When a muscle contracts the force is transferred through the tendons to the bones each side of a joint and the joint moves.

The tendons become injured if subjected to trauma or unaccustomed load. Tendinopathy injuries are common and can occur in any tendon but the most frequent injuries that we see are rotator cuff muscle injuries in the shoulder, tennis and golfers elbow, patellar tendonitis and Achilles Tendinopathy.

Tendinopathies can be divided into two types of injury; Acute Tendinopathy and Chronic Tendinopathy

Acute Tendinopathy refers to a large-scale, sudden onset, recent tendon injury with inflammation.

Chronic Tendinopathy refers to a long standing breakdown of a tendon at a cellular level. Current research suggests that the condition does in fact have an inflammatory mechanism. It is caused by a failed healing response, with haphazard proliferation of the tendon calls resulting in disruption of collagen fibres and growth of unwanted blood vessels into the tendon.

That sounds bad but the good news is that this improved understanding of the injury process has focused our treatment approach and the success rate of the treatment of both the acute and chronic forms of this condition has improved immensely.

At the Rugby Osteopathic Centre we are currently conducting a pilot study into the treatment of Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy. Our study is testing a treatment protocol that combines the most effective approaches into one plan. So rather than try one type of treatment then another we are combining the following;

  • Reduction of inflammation – Ice, rest, NSAI drugs etc.
  • Deep friction massage to reduce neovascularisation (inappropriate blood vessel growth)
  • Treatment to improve biomechanics
  • We recommend when appropriate Shock wave therapy
  • Maximum weight tendon loading
  • Fast twitch muscle fibre rehabilitation
  • Multi-direction sports specific training

The early indications of the trial are very positive and we will publish the results on completion. If you have any questions please contact us.

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