Hip Pain

Pain from the hip joint will often refer pain into the groin, thigh or knee and in fact will rarely cause pain in the upper, outside thigh as we traditionally think our hip to be (pain in this area is often referred from the back or sacroiliac joint


The differential diagnosis is again critical to the successful treatment of hip pain. Osteoarthritis is successfully managed by our osteopaths up to the point when the joint will need replacing, to prevent overloading the knee or low back. Bursitis, groin strains, tendinopathy and labral tears are often seen in clinic and appropriate treatment or referral to specialists will ensure you get to the treatment that suits your condition.

Osteopathic Treatment for Hip Pain

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at helping your body accommodate for the osteoarthritis (wear and tear) in the joint. Most of the pain is due to the muscles having to work hard around a stiff joint. Our treatment will reduce this muscle tone and gently improves the function/movement of not only the arthritic joint but the surrounding joints as well. The aim of this is to reduce the load placed on the arthritic joint and subsequently reducing the pain that you are experiencing.

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