This is pain which comes from a nerve being irritated. It can feel like a burning or a stabbing or shooting pain. This irritation can be from the nerve being compressed or by a systemic cause e.g. infection, swelling or disease. This is different from referred pain.

The area in which you feel the pain will depend on which nerve is irritated. At the Rugby Osteopathic Centre the osteopaths and physical therapy experts are fully qualified to clinically examine and assess your pain to help to diagnose the cause of the pain and where it comes from. This is fundamental in your recovery as without this proper analysis and therefore diagnosis the wrong treatment may be given to you. In some circumstances we will advise that you have further testing via your GP and we will write to your GP, with your permission.    

Examples of neuralgia are: sciatica (trapped nerves), trigeminal neuralgia, the pain experienced with shingles, brachial neuralgia.
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