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What happens in a Foot Assessment?

Saturday February 16, 2019 at 2:44pm
What happens in Foot Assessment?

I have never had problems with my feet, but when I was offered the opportunity I was curious to find out what happens in a foot assessment and in what condition my feet actually are.

I met Mitesh Mistry, Senior Podiatrist, BSc(Hons), MCOP, at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre and the appointment started with Mitesh explaining about the GDPR (The EU General Data Protection Regulation), and taking general information such as my personal details and medical history. Then he explained what foot assessment contains.

First, there is a circulation assessment, which is tested using a Doppler Ultrasound. This shows the quality and health of the blood flow in the arteries of your feet, and how elastic the artery is. This assessment shows the overall status of the circulation of your feet and whether the lower limb may be at risk from conditions such as leg blockages and varicose veins.

Then a nerve test is conducted. This outlines the level of lower limb sensation. It compromises of two elements; a 10g monofilament and 128 MHz tuning fork. The 10g monofilament is made from nylon and shows the level of sensation on the feet by testing the fine nerve endings. The 128 MHz tuning fork tests nerve fibres and shows the level of sensory awareness to the lower limb.

The assessment concluded with evaluating the position of both feet whilst standing to determine the posture of the feet, certain tests are conducted to outline the alignment of foot structures. This shows what foot type you have and what foot conditions you could develop. Podiatrist also examines your feet looking at the dermatology aspects such as dry and hard skin, corns, verrucae and athlete’s foot.

Mitesh also looked at my toe joints and movement, and he checked my shoes; he looks at the signs of wear as this can suggest any problems while walking.

The benefits of having a foot assessment

A specialist foot expert like Mitesh can determine what treatment options can be used even if your feet are not painful or tender. This prevents the chances of foot conditions developing.

During February 2019 Mitesh is having a special offer on a FREE FOOT ASSESSMENT at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre.

To receive this offer contact Mitesh on
Tel: 07775 695409

and quote FE2019


Read more about Mitesh and podiatry, and visit Mitesh's website




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