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Tennis - 31.6 million reasons to stay fit

Friday June 30, 2017 at 12:32pm
Tennis - 31.6 million reasons to stay fit

After Wimbledon’s most recent prize money increase, winners and losers alike will have £31.6 million to split between them. The stakes are high, so injury prevention is of utmost importance for professional players.  

Amateur players also want to avoid injuries for good reasons, but with at least 1 in 25 tennis matches resulting in injuries this can be quite a challenge at times. Surprisingly enough, the most common tennis injuries do not affect the shoulder, elbows, hands or wrists as one would expect. Half of all injuries affect the legs! Other injuries are spread evenly between the arms and spine.  

You can read more about specific injuries and their treatment on the following pages:

What can you actually do to prevent tennis injuries? Here is some general advice:


1.Warming up can prevent muscle strains. Don’t exert yourself in the first five minutes. Start at a reasonable pace, maybe with a gentle jog around the court before playing. The first time you play, don’t play for too long. You are very vulnerable to injury when you are fatigued.

2. Shock absorption is key. Do your spine some good and avoid playing on surfaces with no give and wear insoles with padded heels if new shoes are not an option.

3. Rest enough between training sessions. Have a day or two off. This allows your body to recover and adapt, preventing nuisances like stress fractures.

For specific advice or to answer any other questions please get in touch with us at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre. Our helpful team is available to assist you.

If you are considering tennis lessons please contact Rugby Lawn Tennis Club. They have professionals to help you to get started and to prevent sports injuries.  


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