Feel Like Springing Into An Activity This Spring? Make It Pain Free!

Friday March 20, 2015 at 1:15pm
Osteopath can assist on selecting the most suitabl
The joys of spring are almost upon us; the days are getting longer and all we can think about is getting outside and getting fit. Time to throw on those trainers, switch off the electric blankets and start training like you have never trained before. 
But wait, have you considered everything?
  • What sport do you intend to do? 
  • Have you done it before? 
  • Have you got all the right equipment? 
  • Have you been a couch potato all winter or have you been as active as possible? 

So many questions, but considering them is important so that you will not injure yourself but keep your pre-spring training on course. If you are starting a new training regime the best approach is a gradual strategy. Start slowly, and more importantly, go at your own pace. Don’t worry about how someone else is doing, they may have a totally different goal to you and may be at a different stage in their training. 

If you are hopeful of running a half marathon you will need to do several months of regular training before you can consider yourself ready. Even if you have been abusing the treadmill in the winter, it's no preparation for the winds, and uneven terrain of the outside. 

If you are starting a new sport, make sure you are in good physical shape. A new sport will put new and challenging demands on your body and it needs to be able to cope with the different forces it will be subjected to.  

Have the right equipment or kit; get your trainers checked to make sure they are right for you, and not too old and worn out. When taking on a new sport try mixing it up a bit as well. If tennis is the chosen one try and add a swim or a cycle in as well, so that the whole body feels challenged. 

Repetitive movements can lead to injury and an inevitable curtailment in activity. If you are feeling any pain, stop. Don’t play through it. We treat patients who thought it wasn’t anything too bad only to end up at the practice two days later in more pain than before. 

And most importantly…..enjoy it! It is meant to be fun. If you are unsure about what sport or activity is right for you, why not consult us at the practice. We are happy to discuss any ideas that you may have and devise an exercise routine to help you take on your new activity, and minimizing the chance of injury.  




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