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Back Pain - What treatment options are out there?

Monday August 12, 2019 at 9:35pm
Back Pain - What treatment options are out there?

In this blog post I am addressing the subject of the variety of therapy professions available for back pain. When back pain strikes, many people can be unsure as to which avenue of treatment to follow. With so many options out there, which would be most suited to you?


It is widely recognised that manual therapy approaches can be beneficial in the treatment and management of lower back pain. The NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines advise the consideration of “manual therapy" (spinal manipulation, mobilisation or soft tissue techniques such as massage), which should be used “as part of a treatment package including exercise” (NICE, 2016). In addition to other manual therapy professions, these treatment and management protocols are followed in the osteopathic treatment of lower back pain.


I would like to refer to an episode of the Channel 4 programme, “Live Well for Longer”. The episode was called “Back Pain & Disease” and one part of the programme examined three different treatment methods of managing chronic lower back pain; osteopathy, physiotherapy and yoga. Each of the treatment interventions were applied over a course of eight weeks and pain levels were measured comprehensively before and after the treatment period.

It was discovered that the osteopathy treatment group experienced a reduction in their chronic pain varying from between 30-75% following the two-month treatment period. The physiotherapy and yoga groups both experienced a pain reduction of 30-50%. It must be emphasised that the sample size for this study was very small, however, it showed that osteopathic treatment may have been a factor in a significant reduction in the pain experienced in these patients.


Chronic lower back pain can be defined as back pain that has been present for at least 12 weeks.


The sooner that chronic lower back pain is addressed through manual therapy, the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome to treatment. It is of my professional opinion that there are many factors that influence your decision of therapist; recommendation, location, availability, to name a few, but whoever you choose, the combination of manual treatment and yoga or pilates is a great way to tackle chronic back pain and provide a positive outcome.

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