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I opened the Rugby Osteopathic Centre in 1989. My wife Jo joined the practice in 2001 and we now have a total of five osteopaths working at the centre. We started as a dedicated Osteopathic Clinic but found many benefits from working closely with other specialist rehabilitating therapists, specifically Pilates, Yoga and Sports Therapists. We have been fortunate enough to attract one of the top specialist Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to join our practice. I am really proud that not only do our clinicians and therapists work under one roof, but that we work as part of an integrated team.

In 2014 we re-branded after a progression from an Osteopathic Clinic to an Integrated Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Clinic. 

Adam Sheridan, founder, director and osteopath

How does Osteopathy work?

The philosophy of osteopathy is that all of the bodies systems are interdependent. So, for example a healthy shoulder joint not only relies on good shoulder muscle strength, good back movement, hip flexibility, leg strength and good foot function but also depends on a good blood supply to the joint and a good nerve supply from the neck. By taking into account how the systems interact we can optimise the chances of recovery and good health. This philosophy is simple and very sensible. When applied in practice it can make profound changes in a person's health.

How does it work at the Rugby Osteopathic Centre?

The benefit of having a team of physical therapy experts working together enables us to test our knowledge and exploit our skills in a cooperation that has proven to be beneficial to patient recovery. Our sole aim is to help you back to the peak of health and fitness as soon as possible and in a way that lasts. By offering a comprehensive range of therapies and treatments I feel that we are in a unique position to deliver excellent levels of patient care, backed up by a truly personal and friendly service.

Our clinicians, the osteopaths and orthopaedic surgeon, use orthopaedic and neurological examination skills, similar to all medical practitioners, to examine and diagnose their patients’ presenting complaints. We will then use our specific treatment skills, including manual therapy and exercise prescription or in the case of the orthopaedic surgeon injections and surgery as part of their treatment.

We may then refer patients to our rehabilitation support team consisting of Pilates, Yoga and Sports Rehabilitation Therapists, to help patients to build core strength and to help prevent symptoms returning. We will talk through the diagnosis and best approach for each patient with the relevant rehabilitation therapist; this gives each person the opportunity to get a bespoke plan to full fitness.

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